How to Sew a Dress with Sleeves

how to sew a dress

Don’t you just dream of wearing a garment that is made just for you? Learning how to sew a dress with sleeves is not difficult. It is a skill that can be learned by anybody who’s dedicated in mastering this craft.

To be able to know how to sew a dress can have many perks. Aside from being able to make your own clothes and dresses, you can save money. Especially in today’s economy, our goal is to save money and be a little more practical. Shopping for clothes, while necessary, may not be efficient especially if you want quality clothing. Designer branded clothes can cost extremely expensive most of the times.


Importance of Learning How to Sew a Dress

Before I jot down the ways on how to sew a dress, here is a short list of why it is important to learn how to sew a dress.

Boost self confidence. Since you are wearing clothes that you have sewn, you will be more proud wearing it.

Source of income. Once you learn how to sew a dress, you can invest in this skill and start a business dedicated to altering clothes, making gowns, and other garments. It can also save you money when trying to repair torn clothes. Instead of having a tailor fix it for you, you can do it yourself.

Express your creativity. Expressing yourself is the most uplifting feeling a person could feel. Once you learn how to sew a dress, you’ll be able to express yourself more. And you’ll be more proud with the way you look.

Gain friends. You can join sewing groups in your community and gain more friends.

Sew for charity. You can make clothes for charity. Make simple garments like baby cap, baby shirt, or short.

Revive old clothes and make them new.  It can be your wedding dress or your teen’s prom gown. Redesign the garment into a piece you can use on a daily basis. Example: you can turn your wedding dress into a sundress.


How to Sew a Dress

Learning how to sew a dress is quite easy once you follow these easy steps:

Decide on the design, color, and pattern. Then, draft a pattern and take the measurements as according to sections. Draft each pattern piece and lay out the pattern pieces on a long, flat surface.

Cut the fabric once you have transferred the pattern on it. Do not use your fingers in lifting the fabric. Only use a long, sharp scissor and let it glide through the fabric just like a cutter.

Then, put the pieces back together. Stitch the front and the back shoulder. Make it a point that you do not stitch under the arms without attaching the sleeves. Move on to the next pieces. Stitch it according to your pattern. Leave allowances so that you’ll be able to adjust them in case it does not fit your body.

Learning how to sew a dress with sleeves is quite easy if you are determined.

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