How to Sew a Dress by Hand


how to sew a dress

Every mom loves seeing their baby girl wearing a cute little dress that they’ve made by themselves. Not only do moms feel proud of themselves for providing their babies with a cute dress, it also brings a feeling of satisfaction that they’ve performed their task quite well. It helps them feel better about how they are playing their part as a caring, loving mother. This is why it is important for moms to learn how to sew a dress.

It is not difficult to learn how to sew a dress by hand. Learning how to sew a dress induces this rewarding feeling. Aside from being able to make your own clothes, you can also make money out of this skill. You can run a business with this skill. You can alter people’s clothes, or make gowns and dresses for other babies, or even launch your own fashion line. This is the reason why you should learn how to sew a dress.


Steps on How to Sew a Dress by Hand

The steps on how to sew a dress by hand for your baby is not that difficult. By carefully following these instructions, you can make a wonderful dress for your child to wear on any occasion.

  • Measurements. Get the measurement of your child’s body by using a measuring tape. In a pad paper, jot down the measurements.  This helps you determine how much material you will use.
  • Design your child’s dress. This is one of the most vital parts of how to sew a dress. You can grab ideas online or grab patterns from baby magazines. Once you have the design all prepared, you are now ready to shop for fabrics. Note: fabrics should be made from all natural fibers. Consider what works with your child’s sensitive skin first not just the style.
  • Make a pattern. Pattern is crucial in how to sew a dress. Sometimes, when you copy designs from the net, it already comes with a pattern. However, if you want something that’s 100% personalized, you have to make it on your own.  Make sure you have some pins at home. You will use these pins to attach the patterns on the fabric. Trace the pattern on the fabric with a tailor’s chalk.
  • Cut the patterns. You can use basting stitch in tracing the pattern. This will make the pattern clearer on the fabric.
  • Prepare your pins, needles and threads and get ready to sew the dress together. Just follow the pattern that you have done. Remember to put allowance so that it will be easier to adjust the clothing.
  • Once you’re finished, you can add in embellishments like zippers, pockets, collar, etc.


Learning How to Sew a Dress is Economical

Learning how to sew a dress is very economical. Since the baby always outgrows his/her clothes, making them by yourself can help you save a lot. This is perhaps the reason why many mothers are indulging in making children’s clothes.

Not only are they saving budget for the family, but also, they are using their recent knowledge on how to sew a dress as a source of income.


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